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Aviapool has been working closely with suppliers in order to offer a solution to the COVID-19 virus pandemic and keeping your aircraft clean! In order to create a robust option to tackling this issue, we can now offer products that has been proven to eradicate the virus, that can be dispensed in the most efficient way.

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As the world tries to adapt to the pandemic, air travel is looking to come back online as soon as possible. With this solution in place, aircraft cabins can be neutralised quickly, with repeat operation easily achievable within gate turnaround time frames. This ensures your passenger and service cabins are cleaned down effectively and efficiently.


Through development of both the spray gun and cleaning product, we offer a full solution with regards to cabin cleaning. The Electrostatic gun charges the material when it is dispensed, meaning that full coverage is gained by the cleaning agent, without needing direct operative contact with every surface.

The Electrostatic spray gun offers a lightweight, easy to use system in order to ensure full coverage of any aircraft cabin. The 1 litre tank ensures coverage of up to 175m2, covering a typical cabin area in just 7 minutes.


This product is already in use in many industries including medical, leisure and farming. Having recently gained approval from Boeing, we can now offer this to the industry in order to address the COVID-19 pandemic and ensure our customers can create a safe and virus-free environment for their passengers and staff. 

Through close liaison with our suppliers we can have units shipping to our global customers within 6-8 weeks of receipt of an order.


Aviapool can now supply a selection of dispensing devices, and cleaning agents, that only requires single person operation.

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