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Operations, Logistics & Quality

Barb Duba

Americas Operations Manager

Responsible for the operational activities of the USA side of the business, including warehouse, tooling recertification, and Aviapool's consignment/loan program.

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Dan Hooper

EMEA Operations Manager (Technical)

Responsible for the operational activities of the EMEA side of the business including the logistics, quality, consignment and technical elements of the company.  Identifies and develops business operation through direct reporting to the COO. 

Fun Fact: 

Dan likes anything on two wheels

and rock music!


Tom Korth

Interim Chief Operations Officer

Responsible for overseeing the Operations, Logistics and Quality Departments

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Shelly Robinson

Quality Co-Manager

Shelly is responsible for the overall development, implementation, monitoring and maintenance of the organizations Quality Management System  (QMS).  Conducts periodic management review meetings and reports to Management on the performance of the Quality Management System. 

Fun Fact:  Shelly loves being outside in the warm summer months.

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Shannon Zawacki

Quality Co-Manager

Shannon works to be sure that Aviapool's Quality Management System meets or exceeds the requirements of ISO9001-2015.  Shannon uses her communication skills to efficiently communicate internally and externally to solve problems and monitor the Quality Management System.

Fun Facts:  Shannon loves reading books & spending time with her family and the family dogs, a Cocker Spaniel and a Basset Hound. 

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Andrew Fairless

Operations Administrator

Technical and logistics operative supporting the consignment area of the business.  Works with the Operations team to maintain and develop process and procedure.

Fun Fact:

Andy once found himself upside down, hanging in a tree in the Norwegian mountains with his cries for help being broadcast on local Norwegian radio!

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